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Academic Integrity

The University is a community designed for scholarship for learning, teaching and research. In a community of scholars, academic integrity and honesty are critical values. The University’s approach to cases of academic misconduct is fundamentally educational. The process for dealing with these cases is designed to enable students to better understand the nature of academic misconduct and the high standards of academic integrity that are expected. The sanctions available in confirmed cases of misconduct are intended to signal the importance that the University places on maintaining these high standards and to communicate this to students.

Exams, homework, papers and other kinds of assessment are essential to the learning process. Honesty and integrity are central to academic work. Because of this, students are committed to an Academic Honor Code.

Faculty and staff should be aware of the regulations that deal with academic integrity and honesty and work to maintain the highest standards and do their utmost to ensure that their students understand and conduct themselves in accordance with these standards.

Faculty are encouraged to include a link to this website in the course outline/syllabus, as well as educating students on proper referencing within the course.

The University has guidelines and useful resources for students and staff to encourage academic integrity and has established clear guidelines for dealing with cases of plagiarism and other forms of cheating. These guidelines and resources emphasize educating students on the value of academic integrity, the meaning of plagiarism and how to respect others’ work and avoid plagiarism.

Click here for further information on identifying and dealing with plagiarism.

Information for Faculty/Instructors

Read the details of Regulations for Student Conduct and Academic Integrity