Audit Timetable

3 Nov 2014


Submit Institutional Submission, information set and supplementary information to QAC
2 Dec 2014 One-day Institutional Briefing and Initial Meeting with Panel
Week commencing 15 Dec 2014 Audit trail specifics identified (if any) and any further information requested by Panel Logistical arrangement for Audit visit
Week commencing 5 Jan 2015 Subset of Panel undertakes visit(s) outside HK (if required), accompanied by HKUST representatives  
Week commencing 26 Jan 2015 3-Day Audit Visit (27-29 January 2015)
Week commencing 9 Feb 2015

Send principal findings of the Audit to HKUST

Week commencing 9 Mar 2015 Send draft Audit Report to HKUST for comment  
Week commencing 23 Mar 2015   Provide comments on any factual errors or errors of misinterpretation in the draft Report to QAC
20 Apr 2015 Send final Audit Report to HKUST  
4 May 2015   Provide Institutional Response to Audit Report to QAC
Sept 2015 Formally consider Audit Report and Institutional Response, and forward to UGC for consideration  
Sept/Oct 2015 Publish Audit Report  
Dec 2015 / Jan 2016   Submit Action Plan to QAC 
Mar/Apr 2017  

Submit 18-month Progress Report to QAC