Annual Reports on Teaching and Learning

Under the Quality Assurance Framework, Assuring Quality & Academic Standards at HKUST, School Deans and the Directors/Heads of the IPO, UCE, Center for Education Innovation, Library and Dean of Students' Office submit annual reports on their educational provision and support of teaching and learning to the Senate Committee on Teaching and Learning Quality (CTLQ). Reports, which are based on designated report templates, should be accompanied by Action Plans that identify targets, milestones, timelines and responsibilities and would allow the monitoring of implementation of future actions identified in annual reports. School/IPO Reports are based on those prepared by Departments/Divisions and on their own activities.

The CTLQ considers the annual reports and provides feedback to Deans/Directors and Unit Heads. The CTLQ submits an annual report to the Senate that includes good practice identified in the reports and which is then disseminated for wider consideration and adoption where appropriate.

This annual reporting exercise provides the backbone of the University’s monitoring of quality assurance practices and educational quality. It is a source of improvement in teaching and learning by encouraging an evidence-based, reflective and forward-looking review of programs and the quality of the student learning experience, and the sharing of good practice.

Good Practice in Teaching and Learning (by year | by category)